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Bicycle education

We are committed to providing cycling education to residents of all skill levels. Our friendly, non-judgmental group of League of American Bicyclists-certified cycling instructors is ready to provide you with everything you need to know to feel safe and comfortable cycling in your city.

Our classes include our basic Confident City Cycling class, which is offered at scheduled times throughout the year, and a range of other classes and events that can be tailored to your schedule and location. Just contact us at to schedule a class or for more information!

Our classes:

Confident City Cycling. 2.5 hours. (Scheduled throughout the year)

This is our basic cycling class for those looking to brush up on riding skills, learn basic bike maintenance, and hit the pavement for a brief instructor-led ride on trails or low-speed streets.

If you are among the growing number of people looking to ride for fitness or basic transportation but unsure about what to do in case of a flat or how to safely ride on the street, the class is for you! Our certified bike instructors make learning the basics easy and fun.

All you need to bring is a bike, helmet and readiness for fun! Here's the basic course outline:

First hour (in the classroom)

  • ·       Picking the right bike. Types of bikes, bike fit, basic adjustments.
  • ·       The ABC quick check. How to make sure your bike is working right before you ride (checking Air, Brakes, Chain).
  • ·       Maintenance. Hands-on practice with fixing a flat and other basics.
  • ·       Clothing. Helmet fit and ideal clothing for basic commutes.

Break (questions, practice on changing tires)

Second hour (on the bike)

  • ·       Basic bike handling. Starting efficiently, steering in a straight line, quick stops.
  • ·       Riding on the street (traffic law, changing lanes)
  • ·       Short trail or street ride

Note: The riding section of this class is held in varying settings – on trails, on streets and cycling at night. If one of those appeals more to you, check our calendar for the next available class!

Lunch and Learn: Commuting Basics. 1 hour. (By request)

For this class, we come to you! The class is aimed at providing tips on cycling safely and confidently in traffic to current bike commuters or those interested in trying it out.

The basic format involves a brown bag lunch (although we are willing and able to provide the course at other times as well) during which our trained and certified cycling instructors talk about route selection, cycling in traffic, basic maintenance, and proper clothing and lighting. Bicycles are not required – this class involves a presentation and discussion only.

Give us a call and help your employees or group members get healthier and have fun getting to work!


School/Community Bike Rodeo. 1-3 hours. (By request).

Get kids involved in cycling – and teach them safe riding skills at the same time! This fast-paced and fun event (it’s not a “class”!) teaches children the basics of stopping, starting, turning, watching for hazards and making smart decisions with a series of fun exercises and games.


Confident City Cycling: Extended Course. 6 hours. (By request)

This class has it all! It’s the extended version of our Confident City Cycling class, with more time spent on the street with our trained cycling instructors. This class is aimed at those interested in commuting to work or school, riding for fun or recreation or just looking to feel more confident riding on the street.


Custom Classes. Variable. (By request).

Employers, organizations or groups: Whatever kind of instruction you are looking for, we can make it happen for you. We can customize any of our classes to fit your needs and schedule – evenings, multiple lunch hours, weekends, and more.

We can also provide instruction tailored to your needs, from learning to ride at any age to a bike maintenance clinic to advanced traffic skills. Contact us and we will work out a program and schedule that fits your needs precisely.


2014 Bicycle education schedule

We offered two classes, one lunch and learn event, and partnered on a children's bike rodeo this year! No more events are planned for 2014, but we plan multiple classes in 2015.


2015 Bicycle education schedule

We're still developing our schedule for 2015, but plan to have at least one class in the spring and one in the fall. Please check back for more details.